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Breakthrough chlorine-free technology now brings you the best non-toxic water purification systems available on the market, based on eco-friendly, advanced electronic in-line oxygen and copper-ion generators. We can treat your pool, spa, fountain, and/or whole-house system (municipal water or well), providing bottled-water-quality drinking water from any shower or faucet on your property, as well as in your pool and spa. The systems are effortless, effective, safe, inexpensive, and free of chlorine, salt, and other toxic chemicals. Our products have a two-month money-back guarantee and a five-year manufacturer's warranty. Call or e-mail now to free your water of toxic chemicals.


Here are three "Ultimate Water Creations" pools with spas, that feature Pristine Water Company's chlorine-free systems. These non-chlorine pools are among the world's finest integrations of function and beauty, science and nature. There are now thousands of homes and businesses in the US, as well as in countries around the world, successfully using these non-toxic systems.

How it works: In both the whole-house (Point of Entry or POE) and pool systems, after filtration there are two sets of in-line electrodes. One is titanium coated with noble metals, mostly platinum, which separates water molecules (H2O) into their components, resulting in the formation of several non-toxic oxidizers (O, O2, OH, and H2O2), each a more powerful oxidizer than the chlorine usually used in pools for that purpose. These short-lived oxidizers "burn up" organic matter, such as bacteria and algae so water stays clear, even in a crowded hot tub. The other electrodes are pure copper, and produce copper ions that are beneficial to humans and animals, but that kill micro-organisms, including algae, providing a residual that continues to prevent the growth of microbes in plumbing, filters, pool, or spa. These electrodes also charge calcium ions to repel each other, eliminating scale, and thus saving you money by increased efficiency of heat transfer in your water heater, and better water-flow through less constricted pipes.

To make pool maintenance as simple as possible, we now have the first dependable, fully automated, pH balancing systems. Sensor feedback and a computerized controller provide effortless, stable pH over months of time. They control either a reliable acid-feeder or a two-tank, auto-switchover, carbon dioxide (CO2) system. We also recommend a Zinc Ion Algae Inhibitor, an occasional shock with hydrogen peroxide, and plant-derived enzymes.

The whole house and property POE (point-of-entry) system uses a granular activated carbon, large filter to remove chlorine and other toxic components that can be in the water, and then the same two sets of electrodes that we use to purify the pool. These electrodes do three things. They oxidize anything organic that makes it through the filter, they add copper ions to the water as a stable residual that will prevent the growth of microbes in the standing water lines, and they charge the calcium carbonate to prevent scaling, reducing costs of water-heating and constrictions in the pipes for better water flow. We also have a range of light commercial POE systems.

We can custom design the right system for your whole house and property and/or pool and spa, depending on their size and configuration. We will give you and/or your pool person all the technical support you need to maintain a pristine pool and spa.


Call now with any questions or to place an order: 310-455-0980 or 1-800-484-2794 x1543.

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